Our Story

No one career is linear. It is serendipity and the twists and turns that make us real.

With over 15 years’ experience FLORUS has grown into a respected career management services business. We’ve helped people navigate the challenges of career change and transition.

Partnering with corporate clients, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations, we deliver bespoke career management and career transition services to fit organisations’ needs and budgets.

Our role is to work with people to develop practical skills and help them pursue their career goals and dreams. With a focus on positivity, evidence-based approaches and total wellbeing, we partner with organisations to support people through a range of career lifecycle events.

At FLORUS, we are dedicated to helping individuals realise their full potential in both their professional and personal life. We pride ourselves in our honest, caring and pragmatic approach to encourage individuals in their career growth.


Creating a set of values and sharing them publicly is an opportunity to articulate the way we want to serve our clients and live within the FLORUS environment.


We treat clients the way we’d like to be treated. Our clients become our family. It’s personal for them, and it’s personal for us.


Honesty and a straightforward approach are the cornerstones of who we are. Doing right by our clients is at the heart of us personally, and our business.


We approach every opportunity with an open mind. Our clients are all different and so are the options we provide them. Designed to suit individual needs, we make sure your experience will be uniquely yours.


We work in the here and now.  We’re all about keeping it real. We speak plainly and get straight to the point. Our lived experiences drive us to achieve the best for our clients.


We take the time to get to know YOU.  We focus on getting to the heart of where you are now and where you’re going.


We are dependable and do what we say we’re going to do. Success lies in a true partnership with our clients.

While we can’t predict the outcome of any situation, we can gain greater clarity knowing who we are and having the confidence to live by our own values helps us take control of how we respond to certain situations. With our support and through evidence-based coaching we can become equipped to make informed decisions that enable personal growth and career success.


Deciding on a company name can be a challenge. Do you want it to describe the business? Do you want something that resonates with your clients? Or in the case of FLORUS, do you discover a word that connects with a theme and has provenance? For those who are interested here is the narrative.

FLORUS means “flower” in Latin and since I love all things botanical, the concept of organic growth and creativity links so very well to careers and leadership development.

FLORUS notable persons in history: - a Roman historian, a poet, a Christian martyr, a bishop and a Christian writer all in search of knowledge and wisdom.

On a more poetic note, FLORUS was an idyllic villa on the Amalfi Coast, built by William Astor from the remains of a crumbling monastery and with a garden to enlighten the soul. Villa FLORUS is now part of a hotel, which of course is on my wish list to visit one day.


What people say about us

Jane has been my most trusted advisor, both personally with my own career, and professionally working with my clients, over several years. Jane has helped me gain the confidence to nourish and flourish in my career with her “no nonsense” style and wisdom that are invaluable in helping to cultivate self-awareness, achievable career goals and practical action plans that manifest into gardens of career satisfaction. From a consulting point of view, Jane is able to create and tailor commercially sound solutions that can transform the organisational landscape for career development and employee career self-management. I would recommend FLORUS to help with all of your career transition and development challenges.

Finance Professional
Financial Services

I had three fantastic coaching sessions with Jane Taylor from FLORUS where she provided clear strategies and practical support to help with my job search. I’d never had professional career coaching, but it was incredibly helpful for me during a transition period in my life where I was made redundant and just getting back into the workforce after being on maternity leave. Jane gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed during the application and interview process to keep going which led me to a number of job opportunities. Jane has a wealth of experience and a friendly and supportive approach which made all the difference to me and I would highly recommend FLORUS to anyone.

Communications Professional
Not for Profit

In April 2018, my role was made redundant from a global financial institution after just 10 years. I left the organisation with mixed emotions. I was disappointed, detached and lacking confidence. I enlisted the help of Jane Taylor at “FLORUS”, a coach recommended to me by a close friend. My initial meeting lasted 30 minutes longer than expected, but it was just what I needed to establish trust.

Jane listened to me and showed genuine care and empathy with her own unique sense of humour, and by the end of the meeting I had all the care and support to regain my confidence. I was launching version 2.0 of myself.

Over the 3 month program, everyone at FLORUS made me feel right at home; comfortable and safe. The team was always friendly and their ability to spare 2 minutes to provide valuable advice was truly remarkable. My overall experience with Jane Taylor at FLORUS was nothing short of life changing; I have landed a new exciting and engaging role, with true life and work balance that will define my future career journey.

IT Professional
Financial Services

At a time when my position was unexpectedly made redundant, I found new direction thanks to Jane. She is a good listener. After my first meeting with her, she advised me to take a good clean break from work life as I had put my head down and given so much to the job for nearly a decade. I followed her advice and this helped me reassess my next steps. I was able to refocus, and Jane helped align my skill set to the job opportunities. I was very selective in the jobs I considered, and her coaching was valuable.

Community Engagement Professional
Health Care

From the minute I met Jane I knew I was in safe hands.  By the end of the initial session I walked out completely confident in my ability in finding another position.  This was the first time I had professional help after being made redundant.  My CV has never looked so good and my interview techniques were given a good overhaul.  She could not have been more supportive or given me more practical help, thus enabling me to find my new position.  I could not recommend Jane’s services more highly.

Executive Assistant
Not for Profit

I worked with Jane over several 1:1 sessions to plan my next career move.

Despite facing a potentially testing time in my life, Jane's unique blend of empathy, humour, and experience made every session enjoyable and valuable.

Her personalized approach helped me feel heard and understood and gave me the confidence to make my next jump. With Jane's help, I was able to clarify the values and career goals that would guide my decision-making, and I secured employment shortly thereafter.

I highly recommend working with Jane for anyone looking to advance their career or dive deeper into their value system for future employment.


Marketing Professional

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