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Conversations that gain impact and move organisations and individuals forward are now a real artform in the expanding digital landscape.

Having a good conversation can be enlightening, empowering, uplifting, and challenging. Knowing when and where to have the conversation is crucial.  
Gaining clarity in content, demonstrating compassion, curiosity and commitment for all individuals communicating in the conversation is a real skill that can be cultivated continually throughout our lives.

At FLORUS conversations are designed around implementing career strategies and enabling personal potential.  Our role is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling career. After several sessions, you will become well-versed at identifying current and future opportunities, gain insight and acquire practical skills to move forward.

  • Conversations that focus on career planning and empowering individuals to take control of their own career
  • Conversations to foster confidence and professional impact
  • Conversations for ongoing talent development and optimise individual performance through executive coaching

“The most fruitful and natural exercise for our minds is, in my opinion, conversation.”
— Michel de Montaigne

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Career Coaching

Conversations to help you envision your future and build a practical pathway to get there

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Interview Coaching

Helping you tell your career story and present the best YOU at interview

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Executive Coaching

Customised 1:1 sessions to enhance leadership and credibility

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