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Change is not an option. It will happen for individuals and organisations and one size does not fit all.

There is no one universal theory of change, or a guaranteed process to ensure any change achieves the desired outcome.

What we can do.

We can encourage a positive approach to thrive during change by keeping a broad perspective, checking in on assumptions, focusing on what we can control and influence and by approaching change with a growth mindset.

Evidence shows that people are more inclined to embrace a course of action when they have chosen that path themselves. At FLORUS we are committed to helping individuals and organisations uncover a path to navigate change that is consistent with their values and purpose.

With expert coaching we will support organisations and individuals experiencing change and transition through our:

  • Customised caring career transition services
  • Exploring strategies for reinvention
  • Coaching for career development
  • Planning a portfolio career
  • Refocusing towards retirement

“We are always slow in admitting any great change for which we do not see the intermediate steps”
— Charles Darwin

Explore our Change services

Career Transition

Supporting you through transition and job search

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Career Coaching

Conversations to help you envision your future and build a practical pathway to get there

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Interview Coaching

Helping you tell your career story and present the best YOU at interview

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Executive Coaching

Customised 1:1 sessions to enhance leadership and credibility

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Portfolio Careers

We’ll help you design a portfolio career that builds on your skills and provides a mechanism for fulfilment

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Retire and Regenerate

Build a retirement strategy that focuses on wellbeing, succession planning and corporate wisdom

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