Jane Taylor


Following 25+ years’ in the corporate sector spanning both Australia and the UK, FLORUS was born. During this time Jane has focused her passion for helping people achieve their goals via strategic leadership and success in building and coaching teams of highly skilled individuals. With a unique insight into effective career strategies developed from extensive experience working with both organisations and individuals, Jane has built an impressive client network across the public and private sectors.


At FLORUS we have a diverse network of Associates, Consultants and Coaches working on assignments and delivering coaching programs.

We believe in a society that can benefit from everyone’s skills and talents.  All consultants and coaches have extensive experience in the world of work and understand the commercial reality of business, government and not-for-profit environments. We are attuned to balancing the needs of individuals and organisations while focused on providing trusted, bespoke, practical support in a safe space.

We pride ourselves in consulting and coaching services that are impartial, grounded in evidence-based research and delivered by qualified people.

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